I was born to create.

Woah, that’s quite the statement, isn’t it? And, you wouldn’t believe how many years it took me to realize and apply that statement to my life (try DECADES…I know, right!).

Have you ever had that sudden urge to rearrange a room for the millionth time; create something pretty to hang on the wall or position in your living room; or get that giddy feeling when you’re walking through a department store and see a basket, tin, flower, or gadget and think to yourself, ‘How cool would it be if I added that to a [insert newest and greatest project idea here] or made a [insert nifty gift idea] for my bestie, s/he could really use one of those’?  Well, that’s me and then some. If I can create something for someone that will bring a smile to their face or provide a little bit of added joy to their life, then I am one happy camper!

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When I create, I like to imagine how I can make the design better. I often get lost in my thoughts as I envision the possibility of adding lights to something that traditionally has gone without; introducing a new technology or way of doing something that will make my creation even more appealing and usable; capturing a cool moment on film in a way that I haven’t seen before; or just adding a special spice to a recipe to make it even more delectable. My brain can be a cluster of ideas–some of them good, some of them hmmm…yeah.  And, while the hmmm…yeahs may get re-filed under the ‘Try Again’ category, its the successes from the good projects that makes everything worthwhile (cue the Rocky theme song)! 

But, do you know what the biggest takeaway is that helps keep my head in the creative game? It’s knowing that what I make in some way motivates and inspirations someone to move forward with their own goals and desires!  We all need (even I) that one person or thing—sometimes plural—to light that spark and encourage us to move forward with an objective (you remember, that one thing that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time that you have yet to begin, complete, and accomplish).  Don’t wait any longer.  Follow me on my creative journey and together let’s fulfill our many passions.  Let’s Aspire to accomplish our goals; Design a wonderful life for ourselves as well as for our families; and add Beauty to our surroundings.

Be Blessed!

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